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Please take a moment to answer the following questions in the box below, indicating the question numbers you are answering. When complete, please submit your answers by clicking on the Button below the answer box.Thank you for your time.
(Your e-mail address will not be passed on to anyone)

Questions List:

(1) Can you give a little background information
regarding your river usage.

(2) Which rivers do you frequently visit?

(3) Do you have regular internet acess?

(4) Do you use the internet for obtaining river condition information?

(5) Would you consider using the internet to obtain river information?

(6) Would you be willing to pay a small fee for this service?

(7) Estimate how much you would be prepared to pay a month for this service?

8) What type of data would you find the most useful?
- Statistical real time data (flow rates etc.)
- Graphical representation of this data
- Real time pictures from various locations
- Or a combination of the above.
Please Explain you reasons.

(9) Do you ever use the river call system set up by the environment agency?

(10) Can you list your favorite web sites related to your hobby?

(11) Are you a member of any organisation relating to your hobby?

(12) Additional comments.

Answers (please include question numbers):